Oversight Management

Coastal ColorsWe offer this additional service as a return to the original concept of the architect as "master builder," as we believe many projects simply suffer from a lack of daily scrutiny. This service is an enhancement to the basic Construction Administration described in standard AIA Contracts. Electing to add this service allows us to assign qualified personnel to the construction phase in an on-site role.

What does this on-site role provide the client? Our service provides qualified personnel on-site acting on the client's behalf with no bias toward profit. Our bias is on quality, schedule and budget.

Doesn't the general or prime contractor already provide this service? No. Recently, we've observed that contractors have had difficulty providing qualified, responsible personnel in a supervisory role. In addition, on projects where separate prime contracts are required, there is often a diffusion of responsibility. Both of these conditions put the client in the difficult position of playing a de-facto role of construction manager / general contractor. The end results we've observed are most often a lack of on-site coordination, cursory attention to construction documents, slippage in schedule, slippage in material ordering, etc. We believe that these problems could often be easily prevented with qualified, regular oversight.