Central YorkTrends in aquatic design have changed since we grew up using the local competitive pool for recreation and competition. Competitive pools have become more specialized and flexible for multiple simultaneous sports. Designing competitive pools for faster water now includes more features to help actualize the swimmer's potential. Recreational pool design has become free-form and may include interactive features only limited by our imagination. Indeed, what is best for one client may not be best for another. For that reason, Wallover Architects does not limit our solutions to using products from one particular vendor, nor do we follow a “one size fits all” approach. We design our aquatics facilities with the total life-cycle in mind, providing the best longevity and the best overall value.

Our in-house Aquatic Design services include structure, filtration, recirculation and sanitation systems. Our services are structured to stimulate a competitive bidding climate by producing contract documents that are not sole-sourced.

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