ATRI LogoSince ancient times, water has been used as a source of healing and relaxation. Within the last century, water's use in fitness, healing and general well-being has become widespread. With this widespread acceptance has come a need for more specialized therapeutic aquatics planning and design. A standard swimming pool, for instance, will not function properly as a commercial therapeutic pool. Mapping out the needs of a therapeutic pool from a functional design perspective will ensure that the needs of the community are met, and that the pool has the necessary shape, water temperature and other elements to ensure successful usage and outcomes.

Our association with the non-profit Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, Inc. (ATRI) is your assurance that current needs and standards in aquatic therapy are considered, and that the strengths and weaknesses of various designs are appropriate for the intended usage.

In addition, our recreation planning experience gives us unique insight into administrative, programming and development concerns to maximize income generation through programming and operations.

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