Firm Principals

Wallover Architects provides a combination of knowledge and talent that is unique in the industry. Guided by Edwin (Ted) Wallover and Dean McClure, in association with Susan Wallover of Wallover Aquatics, the team at Wallover Architects fully understands the technical and operational aspects of aquatic and recreational facility design, commercial and municipal development and historic renovation.

Edwin (Ted) Wallover III, AIA

President, Wallover Architects

Ted WalloverThe play of light and water has a profound impact on how one perceives architecture. Ted recalls that he has always been fascinated by the way water reflects light and creates movement throughout the built environment. He believes the aquatic facility, more than any other type of building, provides the unique stage for architecture to exhibit this wonderful aspect of the design process.

Crystal clear water is critical to another passion of Ted's life: fly-fishing. Fishing for trout is totally dependent on pristine waters. Likewise, swimming pools also require these same traits to enhance the aquatic experience. It is not often when a person's profession and passion originate from a common element, as they do with Ted.

Water is the focus of Ted and his team at Wallover Architects. They understand the impact of water on buildings and swimmers alike, and are dedicated to expanding their knowledge and command of this unique niche. After all, this is where buildings and people meet to swim, compete and socialize to improve their well being.

Susan Wallover

Principal, Wallover Aquatics

Ted WalloverAs with many people, the word swimming evokes many fond memories for Susan Wallover, Principal of Wallover Aquatics. She spent many days swimming in her youth, and as a parent, playing with her children at her local swimming pool became their favorite activity. Although she was an avid swimmer through her younger years, Susan's first formal instruction wasn't until she attended college. Studying municipal and therapeutic recreation, she used many of her elective courses taking all the aquatic courses that were offered.

Working in the parks and recreation field after graduating from college provided Susan with many opportunities to develop programs and activities that encouraged play across generations and using many different types of recreation facilities. However, she soon became aware that swimming and water, in particular, offered a medium that could provide people of all age ages and abilities with opportunities to socialize, learn, play, and rehabilitate with friends, neighbors, and family.

Susan has made it a personal goal to educate the public about the use of aquatic facilities to strengthen families and communities, but she notes that the aquatics field continues to evolve, and one pool design does not suit every community. Wallover Aquatics was created to work with clients to develop and/or enhance aquatic facilities that meet the needs of their constituents. Good management, secure financial systems and creative programming provide safe and fun aquatic recreational environments that strengthen families and communities alike.

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